I like animals better

Carnet de voyage / Tanzanie, Antarctique, Mexique

Silence is Gold (2022)
Hermanos (2022)
Have a Seat (2017)
photographe, photographie, animalier
Cold is my Favorite Color (2017)
antarctique, deception island, paysage, manchot, penguin
We Keep Each Other Warm (2017)
antarctique, antarctica, penguin, manchot, paysage, froid, ice, cold
My King (2017)
Portrait of a Cheetah (2015)
Red Too (2015)
So High (2015)
A Real Unicorn (2015)
photographe, photographie, animalier
On Top of The World (2015)
Loner (2015)
tanzanie, deer, majestic, green, vert, foret, national park
In Wonderland (2015)
My True Self (2015)